Our Story


Hello! I am Lela Countryman, the owner of The Countryman Group, LLC. I am originally from Colorado but currently live in Richmond, Virginia with my 3 children, our dog, Oliver, and our 2 cats, Bella and Scout.

I have a diverse background in the accounting community with over 19 years’ experience. I have been able to take my accounting, financial analyst, and budget analyst experience to help improve others' finances. 

I began working in finance when I joined the military and I have worked in several different capacities within finance, budget, accounting, audit, and payroll including becoming an instructor teaching finance and accounting within the military.

This is how my passion for numbers started which led to my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Accounting and starting my own business in bookkeeping. I started my business at a time when I needed the freedom to work from anywhere and have some flexibility in my schedule to homeschool my 3 kiddos. I am blessed to have this opportunity to build a business while helping others. I truly love what I do.

At The Countryman Group, we specialize in bookkeeping for attorneys and law firms.

  • We work with law firms across the country, giving us insight and expertise into law firm management and the challenges they face and how they can improve their firm. 

  • We work with firms who believe in professionalism and honesty, who desire to help people and genuinely want to make a positive impact and inspire others as this is the foundation of this business.

Are you......

- Struggling to find the time to keep your finances up to date?
- Needing help in managing the money owed to you for your services?
- Needing help with paying vendor bills and managing your bills?
- Stressing about meeting tax filing due dates?
- Worried about the mismanagement of your trust account?

As your proactive financial partner, I help you:

- Keeping your finances up to date
- Provide financial insight affecting your firm
- Manage and track your accounts receivable (the money owed to you)
- Pay vendor bills and manage your accounts payable (the money you owe others)
- Work with your tax preparer to provide the necessary documents to complete your taxes
- Assist in your trust account management, ensuring your bank balance, trust ledger, and client ledgers are in balance

Overall, this means:

- More time for you to serve your clients
- A better understanding of the finances affecting your firms’ success
- Peace of mind

I desire to become your business partner to positively impact your firm and share in your success.

If need you need help getting your finances in order, we should definitely talk. Feel free to email me at: lela@thecountrymangroup.com